Palawan- A City in a Forest

13 Apr

Virgin of its natural beauties, Palawan is one of the most beautiful places around the globe.

There are more to Palawan than just the famed  Underground River. The people are very friendly and hospitable that you’ll feel

at home away from home. If I am to blog about Palawan, it would take maybe, ten posts. (haha) So I’d suggest that you take a trip there

yourself.        –KC

Since I didn’t find Stallion Riding Club in Palawan, I opted to take a picture with

an artificial horse in Baker’s Hill. (haha)

It is actually a candid shot my friend took…but uhm, I loved the way it appeared

This is in Kuyba Almoneca…you have to wear a helmet or else you’re gonna break

your head into pieces when you bump into one of those stalagmites.

It is very HOT in there, hence the sweaty face. =)


One Response to “Palawan- A City in a Forest”

  1. karlacabrera June 14, 2012 at 12:56 #

    *Fail..hahaha.. I’m never gonna find the SRC because:
    1. IT is in TAGAYTAY.
    2. IT is only FICTIONAL

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