Summer, here I come! =D

3 Apr

Summer  Vacation…..those are the ONLY  two words that runs through my mind. A lot of us know how frustrating a student’s life is so I think you can relate to how I feel.

For 10 long months of stay in school, I didn’t have much time to enjoy life and do some crazy things with friends.

And now that the School Year is over (Thank God) , I can finally have a nine-hour sleep and, you know, find some summer romance??? okay, that was a joke.

First on my “Summer Lovin’ List” is “to go to and enjoy Puerto Princesa”. YahooooooO!!!!  My flight will be on Saturday, let’s just pray for a good weather so the folks could enjoy the place better.

I’ll be blogging about the place when I get there!

Smile and Be happy!

Make the most out of your summer! =)



PS: If you noticed, I just grabbed photos @ the web, Well It’s because I suck at taking photos. Maybe I gotta try next time. =)