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10 Aug

Usual exam scenario

“Be Honest. Even if others are not.

Be Honest. Even if others can not.

Be Honest. Even if others will not.”


Where is this “Be Honest” thing now?  In today’s generation, Honesty is only a word that comes before Honey in the Webster’s universal dictionary.

In school, dishonesty is shown mostly by cheating. I know this whole dishonesty/cheating  thing  because my eyes weren’t closed when I took the exam in Physics and Math (and all those subjects which require the burning of the midnight candle).

The cheaters I know use a lot of strategies/techniques in cheating. I don’t know where they have learned it, but it had worked. These cheaters even got codes and all things necessary for cheating (they’re experts ya know!)

It is sad that cheating,nowadays, has been considered part of studying by few dumb-witted morons. Research says almost 95% of students are experts in the state-of-the-art cheating. Imagine that 95%!! That’s almost everyone in the class!

Worst thing is that these cheaters are proud of being cheaters.They are proud of having invented creative ideas and styles (as they call it) to cheat. I must admit, their cheating styles are creative. However, the world doesn’t give recognition to evil geniuses. So, no matter how “smart” your cheating style may be, no reward will be given to you my friend.

I even know a classmate who told me, “You should try cheating. It is a simplest way of getting an A with just a little effort.”—- this is where they are wrong. We go to school to learn. We go to school to develop skills and boost morale. We are supposed to be molded to become good citizens of the country.

How are you going to be productive citizens if you exercise dishonesty? Are you proud of getting high scores by cheating?

Cheating is the same as saying  “Hey, World! I’m dumb! I can’t answer my exam by myself so I cheat! I don’t trust my capacity! Check me out!” out loud.

Now, do you trust yourself? Do you believe you are smart? If yes, then welcome to righteousness my friend. Stop cheating! =)

XOXO, KC Cabrera