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Stay awake for that late afternoon class

17 Oct



 “Oh God, please don’t let my teacher see me sleeping” – Me in a Math class

Sleeping in class is bad. I mean, way too bad (especially if you get caught). But there  are those crazy times when you just can’t fight the urge of closing your eyes and SLEEP.

I had been a victim of this “Sleeping in Class” Syndrome. My eyelids where just so heavy and I can’t open them anymore, and whenever I try to, my teacher seemed to be a giant walking pillow to me. I tried my very best to stay awake but I failed. The next thing I knew, my classmates were all staring at me because I drooled. 

So to stay away from my greatest horror, I came up with 5 personal means of staying awake.

1. Mint Gums. I know this is an old line but they sure work. Pick the ones with really strong flavors that would keep you awake. They’re small bombs, you know. 

2. Sit up straight. Sitting like a vegetable will increase your chance of sleeping. I’ve tried that. Trust me. It’s better to sit up straight as this will help you focus on your teacher and the things he’s talking about.

3.  Stretch. I’m not asking you to to have a little “stretching” in front of your teacher, unless of course, you wanna get slapped in front of everyone. Excuse yourself, find a private place and move those joints.

4. Don’t think of falling asleep in class. Seriously, girl? Yes. I’m serious. That’s how Law of Attraction works. You think of sleeping in class, then you’ll find yourself sleeping. Think of something more positive like “It’s just an hour, I’ll learn a lot” (Visit this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_attraction for more of LOA.)

5. Sleep. Ditch your late-night parties, late-night TV’s and God knows what other late-nights it may be. Sleep on time so when you wake up in the morning, your lost energy are already replenished. Nothing beats a good night sleep, you know.


PS: If those tips didn’t work, I don’t know what will. Seriously guys.

XOXO, KC Cabrera